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Liberty Boxing Gym offers the only professional boxing gym north of Sacramento. Whether you are looking to get fit or perfect your boxing skills, our professionals will get you to peak performance. Men, Women, & Children are all welcomed.



1.) What is Liberty Boxing Club?

Liberty Boxing Club serves the greater Butte County area and has opened to develop local, state and national talent, and to continue to promote boxers through the Professional level.


2.) What if I am interested in boxing?

Most young people are not sure whether they are interested in pursuing boxing. Here, you have the opportunity to learn and experience the physical and mental aspects of boxing. Our coaches will help to determine if the sport as well as the passion, fits your needs and personality.


3.) Who are your students?

Our students, both male and female, range in ages from age 5 to Adult. Many of our students train for competition while some train for self-defense. Many join our program to improve their personal and physical image as well as gaining self-confidence which helps them to succeed outside their "inner circle".


4.) Do you work with children?

ABSOLUTELY! Our program begins at a very early age to introduce young people to the many positive aspects of boxing. Our Certified Trainers are capable of working with youth in such a way that their age group can understand.


5.) How much time should I expect to commit to boxing?

See our schedule for exact dates and times. Students who attend school are expected to maintain a satisfactory grade point average in order to continue their training. Having the best education possible is one of the keys to success in life!


6.) Do you accept everyone who wants to learn to box?

The answer is yes however, in order to be accepted, you must meet certain requirements. A personal interview will be conducted to determine if you possess the Qualities, Desire, Discipline and Dedication.


7.) How would I benefit.. even if I am unsure if I want to "box"?

Liberty Boxing Club's mission is to help everyone attain their personal best. We provide the skills to succeed in boxing, and in life. You will develop a willingness to practice and understand Desire, Discipline, Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Dedication, skills that employers as well as society admire and respect.

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